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Miami Milestone Guide: A Month-by-Month Look at Your Child's Development

A Month-by-Month Look at Your Child's Development

Understanding a child’s growth and development is an important part of the parenting journey. According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, research shows that parental involvement is a better predictor of success in children than other factors such as educational background and socioeconomic status. The support parents offer their children and infants across a series of growth stages is essential for their future lives. The modern parent in Miami must therefore learn and be ready to embrace their role in their child’s life; to help nurture the spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects. They must pay close attention to holistic child development, embrace integrative nutrition for every stage, and allow nature to play its role in the child’s development. The following month-to-month guide offers parents tips to support their child’s development and the best primary care doctor to see in Miami.

Understanding Holistic Child Development: The importance of nurturing physical, emotional, and spiritual growth

While modern parenting can be confusing sometimes, especially during this digital age, in which the internet is filled with different ideas and techniques, children need guidance. And as more and more parents wonder where to turn to amidst the confusion, the holistic child development approach offers a more nuanced approach to the traditional and modern forms of learning.

Holistic child development is a learning approach that emphasizes the significance of the emotional, physical, and psychological well-being of children, specifically in the early childhood stages. Children get to interact with the natural world, giving them an encounter with risks, challenges, and opportunities for social development. They get to explore and discover new things which opens the mind to new possibilities. Any parent looking for a wholesome approach to nurturing their children can seek the services of a holistic doctor. Ahimsa MD offers the best integrative holistic primary care for children.

Aspects of Holistic Child Development 

There are five aspects of holistic child development that parents need to foster for their children:

  1. Spiritual development entails nurturing the child’s personal set of moral codes, values, and identity. Children receive support for the development of purpose, beliefs, and personality from a young age.

  2. Intellectual development offers a conducive environment for a child’s cognitive growth in reasoning, thinking, learning new concepts and facts, and problem-solving.

  3. Emotional development as we are aware deals with the child’s emotions. Children develop their ability to become independent, manage their feelings, create healthy relationships, and become resilient.

  4. Physical development fosters the child’s development of motor skills, they learn about their growing bodies, and engage in activities that contribute positively to their health and physical well-being.

  5. Social development encourages children to develop social skills, engage with their peers, cooperate with others, and develop empathy skills. Children can develop impactful relationships with peer groups, family and the community.

Integrative Nutrition for Every Stage: Tailoring your child’s diet to support optimal development

Parents also need to address children’s unique nutritional needs utilizing integrative health principles. Integrative nutrition considers internal and external factors to assess appropriate nutritional intervention for the child and create individualized recommendations for every person’s unique needs. One of the ways to achieve integrative nutrition for their children is to work with integrative holistic primary care providers like Ahimsa MD who help the child meet their nutritional requirements through integrative nutrition care.

At Ahimsa MD, you will meet Dr. Simoni Baid a holistic doctor trained in integrative nutrition with aspects of primary care, urgent care, and pediatric care. She blends these multiple philosophies into a single concierge care for the patients. Your child will have access to a team of qualified professionals to meet their different needs.

The nutritional assessment of the child will involve reviewing food and supplement intake, health history, food intolerances and allergies, digestive health, and health goals. By the end of the holistic doctor’s visit, the parent will better understand the steps necessary to achieve the child’s nutritional goals. Working with a specialist like Dr. Simoni Baid who understands integrative nutrition can improve their children’s nutritional status leading to optimal development for the child.

The Role of Nature in Child Development: Encouraging outdoor play and interaction with the environment

Moreover, parents should allow their children to naturally interact with their environment. One of the advantages of living in Miami is its aesthetic environment that offers a lot of excitement for the kids, especially outdoor activities. Parents can take advantage of the city’s beaches and playgrounds to encourage learning. You can let your child explore playgrounds such as Colonial Drive Park, Palmetto Bay Park, and Ronselli Park. There are also excellent beaches like Coral Gables, South and North Beach, and Key Biscayne.

Research shows that natural environments contribute to children’s cognitive functioning, health, and well-being. Naturally-based playgrounds contain loose sticks, clay, sand, trees, stones, and vegetation that offer children learning and play experiences that are different from other playgrounds. Furthermore, your child’s language development improves greatly because when they play in the natural environment it is also easier to interact with other kids.


A parent plays a crucial role in the development of a child. They help nurture the child for spiritual, emotional, and physical nourishment. The parent’s role is also to provide a child with the right diet that facilitates optimal development as well as encourages the child’s interaction with nature. In Miami, children and their parents are lucky because there are many outdoor activities they can enjoy. While most parents are supposed to undertake these roles simultaneously, seeking the services of a holistic doctor can ensure that your child’s development is on track, they are doing the right things and the child is reaching the growth and developmental milestones.

Miami’s parents can seek the help of the city’s finest holistic primary care doctor, Dr. Simoni Baid of Ahimsa MD to track their child’s development. The board-certified physician specializes in offering integrative holistic primary care. More informa

tion about the services offered at Ahimsa MD is available through the website and interested parties can book a session immediately.

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