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When it comes to pediatrics, Dr. Baid believes in ​using a holistic-minded, plant based approach in treating and caring for all of her patients, including the little ones. We provide these services for parents who are looking for a more integrated, holistic style, and comprehensive pediatrician for their child.

Ahimsa MD Integrative Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
Ahimsa MD Integrative Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

At Ahimsa MD, we are committed to taking care of your precious newborn, child, or adolscent. As your child's primary doctor, here are the services we offer:

Newborn Visits

Infancy Well Visits

Early & Late Childhood Wellness Visits

Adolescent Well Visits

Sports Medicine Physicals

Back-to-School Physicals

School Immunization Forms

ADHD Screening

Asthma Care

Allergy Care

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pediatric Urgent Care

For all other questions & inquiries, please email Dr. Baid directly at Thank you!

Ahimsa MD Holistic Pediatrician and Internal Medicine
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