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Integrative Care FAQ'S

Does the doctor practice western medicine?

Yes, Dr. Baid has a Medical Doctorate, and completed her training at Case Western Reserve University Metrohealth Medical Center in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Her primary form of training is western medicine. When appropriate, she believes in the use of steroids, antibiotics, and other western medicines.


What does Holistic approach to medicine really mean?

At Ahimsa MD, our definition of holistic approach is focused on completing a full history. Whenever a patient presents a symptom (i.e. back pain, headaches, etc.) we don’t just focus on how to treat the symptom, but instead focus on how it happened, why it happened, and what we can do now to make you feel better immediately. We also discover what you will need to do moving forward to continue to feel better, improve, and prevent the underlying issue from happening again. 


What Integrative Services are offered at Ahimsa MD?

At this time, we offer functional testing, nutritional testing and treatment plans, hormonal testing and treatment plans, we offer genetic testing and treatment plans. We offer movement evaluation and treatment plans. 


Do we sell herbal or homeopathic medicine at our practice?

Dr. Baid does not sell any herbal or homeopathic medicines. She recommends the patient to buy and offers multiple modalities to obtain them (i.e. Amazon, Target, Cvs Pharmacy, Genexa, Ethos, etc.) 


Do we have to join membership for Integrative consultations?

No, for an integrative consultation, no membership is required, the patient can book directly via our client booking tab.

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