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Biofire Viral PCR Test

Quickly find out what has infected your child or family member to begin treatment!

Get fast, 45-Minute Results in our Brickell Office! 

We accept Walk-In's.

At Home or On-Site Testing is also available.

Same-Day Testing Results!

Tests for over 19 different microbes.

Avoid antibiotics with proper diagnosis and medication.

Ahimsa MD Membership Pricing Available!

Tests for: Adenovirus, Rhinovirus, Coronavirus, RSV, SARS-Cov2, Flu A, Flu B, Metapneumovirus, Parainfluenzavirus, Bordetella Pertussis, Bordetella Parapertussis, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae.

Testing is provided by


For any questions or to request more information, please email or call us at

(786) 228-9070

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