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Pediatric FAQ'S

Will the doctor see the baby in the hospital when he or she is born?


Dr. Baid, will see the baby in her office or if preferred as a home visit 1-2 days after being discharged from the hospital. 


If my child needs to get admitted to the hospital, does Dr. Baid have privileges?


Dr. Baid has privileges at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, if your child needs admission, we can plan for a direct admission, to avoid the emergency department completely.


Does the doctor do vaccinations?


Ahimsa MD we carry all the traditional vaccinations recommended by the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics. However, for those parents who want a personalized schedule, we work together with them to create it and make sure the child is protected and safe in their environment. 


Does the doctor do home visits?


Yes, Dr. Baid does do home visits. We have a premium membership at Ahimsa MD, for those patients who are interested in house-calls, please contact us for further information.



Does the doctor complete school physicals and forms?


Yes Dr. Baid, does perform school physicals, vaccine forms, and sports physicals. However, the patient is required to be a member at the practice for these services.

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