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Adult Primary FAQ'S

Is there a limit to the number of office visits?

No, there is no limit to the number of office visits allowed per patient 


Is this for me if I’m generally healthy?

Yes, because the goal is to stay healthy as you age and age gracefully in both mind and body. 


What happens when my doctor is unavailable or out of town?

The doctor is always available via phone or text even when out of town. When this happens patients are notified at least 1 week in advance, and if they need any in person visits at that time, we recommend they go to an urgent care. 


I am a new patient. May I meet the doctor before committing?

Yes, you can book a 10 minute meet and greet call or a physical in office meet and greet. 


Will my insurance cover the cost of the Concierge Fee?

No, the insurance does not cover this cost.


What happens if I am vacationing and I have an emergency or run out of my medications?

You call or text your doctor and we refill it for you. 


Can I communicate with my doctor over text or email?

Yes, we highly encourage communication with your doctor virtually, we always want to know how your feeling or what is going on, early so we can treat you as holistically as possible.

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