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What is a Concierge Style Medical Practice?

Thinking of changing to a concierge-style medical practice but still not sure about what the benefits are? Dr. Simoni Baid is here to help!

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We'll begin by answering the following question: What exactly is a "Concierge Style" Medical Practice?

As patients commonly see, a traditional medical practice is when a doctor or group of doctors only see patients who have health insurance that they are in-network with. A concierge style office, on the other hand, does not require health insurance for service! In a concierge style office, the doctor will see the patients and take a cash fee for their service.

Is there a benefit to paying out of pocket for a concierge doctor? Yes, absolutely!

So much medical care is driven by insurance reimbursement, and sometimes those lines get blurred between what the patient truly needs and how much you can bill for the patient within an insurance based system.

In contrast, when you enroll into a concierge style medical practice, there is no incentive to "over treat" or order excess lab work. In fact, the opposite is true as the doctor has so much more time with their patient. Consequently, a doctor can further understand their patient’s history on a much deeper level, often avoiding excessive testing and being better able to serve and provide more conservative treatments. In addition, the patient is completely connected to their physician in a concierge style medical plan, as they can reach them without having to wait extensive months for an appointment.

In some practices, like at AHIMSA MD, you can even text your physician directly! In others, you are seen within the week for any issue you have. Any of these options allow more accessibility that in turn prevents any health issues from worsening or ending up in costly hospitalizations + overuse of antibiotics.

Our practice is personal. When you visit our office, you should feel like you're visiting a friend's home, it feels warm and cozy. You are not rushed, you are not restricted. Our doctor knows who you are, what kind of lifestyle you live, and what kind of health choices you make on a daily basis. At AHIMSA MD, you build a strong relationship with your doctor, so when something goes wrong in your health, your doctor knows best how to help you as a whole. This is true personalized medicine and everything Dr. Baid strives for!

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