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Urgent Care FAQ'S

Is this a walk in urgent care?

No, we are by appointment only urgent care.


Does the urgent care take insurance?

No, we do time based billing. We have to schedule either a 30 minute or 1 hour appointment.. Most urgent care appointments require about 30 minutes. 


Does this urgent care perform minor surgical procedures?

No, we do not perform any surgical procedures other than small laceration repairs.


Does this urgent care have imaging modalities?

No, we refer out for our imaging modalities, or we can contract the x-ray or ultrasound technician to come to your home. 


Does this urgent care perform blood draws and other laboratory tests?

Yes, we do most blood draws and urine and stool testing. 


Does this urgent care have medications on site for treatment?

Yes we have various types of treatments available in the office for treatment and dispensing when appropriate to the patient. 

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